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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

been real busy

Woooooeeeeeeee its been a time or two since i last hit the Byline. Lets see now, had ta help ol Prat move into a home fer the aged.( he went a bit senile) did some door work over at wallyworld till some smartass caught me havin a fatty on me break.Ol Bert Ticle called me a wussy willow fer takin that senior citizens job.that shot a hole in June ,the month that is. In July my haiphonese buddies got busted fer havin a growup in that nice house i found for them. I found em a good lawyer and they should getoff with time served. Garth Pike over at the Suppositor did a hard hitting op/ed on the drug scene in Hoot town. He oughta know too. Was over ta see Doc Stabber cuz I had this rash on my gentiles. He gave me a shot and told me to come and see him if they felloff.Before that tho he told me that our new medical mansion was in trouble financially and moralewise. Seems the dickhead in charge dont know his ass from a hole in the ground.Hmmmm maybe i should mention it ta Melt Moore hes our local end-dee-pee-er and sexual bonvivant.mentioning sexual reminds me that Agnes is gonna get charched. didnt break my heart cuz me and the Hogg twins have been practicin samesex ya know like I like the missionary position and the gals say they like the same. Well I better git over ta Home and take Prat a Dim Tims.