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Friday, May 20, 2005


Danged if that ol Melt dint give me the what fer over Belinda. Aw shoot thats polytics Common House style. one thing fer sure shes a lot better lookin than them ugly lookin Liberal wonder Pall Martoon keeps kissin her. I gotta song I bet ol Pall sings now I'm Lyin Here with Belinda on My Mind. speakin o songs that Jim Bobby has gotta fine one on his blog mind ya he aint no Mick Jagger in the singin department.while i was riled up isays ta Melt howcome them Nduper broads are so ugly they got faces only a mother could love and only with the lights out.ol Melt says he gotta good mind ta report me to Human Rights I said go ahead amigo anything thats got Right in it i like. Anyhoo hes comin over tonight fer some Texass Hold em and general beer pissup.

Any my readers and i dont know how many they are since my counter went ta glory that bin wonderin where i got to otta know that i been holidayin at ma cousins in Cut n Shoot USA.Needed ta get away after Agnes broke ma heart by crossin the street and takin up with that Liberal asshole Porky Bellman. well at least the Hogg twins consoled me mighty fine and mighty often. gotta call from my phongese pals they bought a house outside o town.not gonna have a housewarmin tho its not in their traditions. well i said give me a call if ya need any help with renos i'm pretty good at wirin and plummin.

gotta go have a consolation then git back here fer the poker.


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