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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Lively lively

things are gettin lively in the ol Hoot Town wth more folks lookin ta open up more stores and hotels speakin of which we already got some lowrent rendezvous here,ya know the the kind that rent by the hour. anyhoo i see in the Suppositor that the town fathers want ta licence kitty cats now if they do dat the bylawyer says they will need a shed ta keep the cat felons in not ta mention a bunch o boorowcrats ta collect the money etc. its gonna be a big boondogle jest so some damn official can go chasin pussy on town time. I should apply fer the job cuz i got the experience only thing is i dont need da money

.big rumour around that Dead Bird ina Box is gonna open a sit down bistro over by wally world,i jest might go there and order a nice bottle of bingo ta have with a toblerone. might invite the Hogg twins ta come wth me too.which reminds me that last week i was at their house for some S&M sausage & meatballs. ol Ber tolt me that him and the missus use to practice s&m she'd sleep and he'd manipulate. that manipulate thing reminds me thet i read in the Trawna Globe that Tony Cement of the late Mike Harris govment wants ta git nominated up here hell if he does we are gonna have two dumb sonsabitches ta choose from Cementhead and Peckerhead.ol Melt the local ndooper thinks its real comical i tolt him that Layton buddy o his is gonna stick his nose so far up Martin's backside that everytime Martin farts Laytons eyes will git browner

.well i gotta go cut the weeds in the back forty got them haiphongese folks come in fer a camp out and a scout around the town fer a hydrophonic location.maybe i'll sell em my ol stereophonic ta put in the hydrophonic jayzus i'm gettin the mix ups.


  • At 4:21 PM, Blogger Claude said…

    Lawdy, lawdy, dis be some fine Blogin'. I's gessin' u's from Lively. I dun lived at 218 3rd Avenyou fer all o' my formitiv yeers. Dun gradyouated from LDSS in '78 an never got inta stich o' truble. Now I livs in da bottom o' Terio an I makes trucks, great big trucks. Y'all come see me sum time.

  • At 4:16 PM, Blogger JimBobby said…

    Whooee! Hey Bloog, I jest been catchin' up with yer boogin'. That sounds like a mighty fine new horspital. I betcha the polyticians was all up on their hind legs pattin' 'emselves on the back at the grand openin'.

    440 horses under the Dodge hood, eh? An' the crew cab fer Aggie. Whooee is right.

    The dumbasses in yer town is doin' like mine with this here cat licensin' nonsense. Spose they ain't got nuthin' better t' do than make up dumbass laws that'll end up causin' more troublems than they solve. Dickweeds!

    Yeah, ol' HappyJack Laydown's sure playin' the risky game. I reckon he's makin' one bigass mistake kissin' Fartin' Martin's fartin' keester. I figger we'll be havin' an election every year fer the next few. Probbly it's a good time t' go inta the lawn sign business.

    I ain't gonna comment on them Haiphongese hydroponics an' the fact that you sed you don't need money.

    Yores trooly,

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