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Monday, April 11, 2005

Bloggysphere an such

wot with all da hype about de new horspital i clean fergot ta report the demise of Hoot Towns museum . it looks more like a mausoleum settin back there in the tall timbers up on a big hill no wonder its gone titters i'm jest as in favor of culture as the next guy hell i even bin at the tso in Trawna a time or two but that mausoleum was a complete waste o tax bucks wrong place and wrong building. got a letter from that mp here tellin me what good job him and them Liberals are doin with our money all this adscam stuff goin on and he tells me dat now ya know why he's one dumb sonovabitch i got a good mind ta take a load o manure from Prats farm and dump in front of his office.

well with things quiet aroun here other than fixin up the back forty i bin checkin the bloggysphere sure some real strange stuff out there. i found one thats about small dead animals and its run by a spiffy lookin chic a possible 8 course i read my ol pal Jim Bobbys scribin when he aint too busy fixin them squirrels damn he wont take my suggestion fer the problem tho. found another feller by name of lighting bugs butt i kid ya not thats his moniker.he sure writes some funny stuff. i got into a wee spat there with this here candi gal cus she said old people suck she musta caught her folks doin it . then theres this meatriarchy feller who has some good recipes along with some polyticle insights and outsights .

i guess thats about it Agnes should be back from her ladys red hat society convention on Thursday got her a whole bag o moonpies ta celebrate meanwhile i'm gonna have the boys over fer some texas holdem and general beer pissup .



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