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Monday, March 14, 2005


got home from Aggie's full like a tic. boys o boys that lady can sure cook.well after a full gut and a couple or six bohemians i decided best ta tell Agnes the truth an ya know what she still dont believe me never did could or will understand the female. welll the snow heres meltin away faster than a popcicle on a barbyque so i best get ma snomobeel hung up in the garage soon and get lookin out fer another vehicle maybee one o them Hummers.think i might stop over ta ol Farley Farkuson's auto emporium, da little business on the corner dat deals on the square hooohaaah. i better get ma butt in gear cuz im gonna take the twins ta Rama Lamma Dingdong ta see ol Travis Tritt

.hey that reminds me that i got a invite ta tour the new horspital its gonna be like da wally world openin all over again.i jest got offa da phone with Bert Ticle an he says that Melt Moore ( local nduper and sexual intellectual ) got a column in da Suppositor now hmmmm. ah well the bloogs is where it at and someday them columnists will be deader than a 90 year olds dick.


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