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Saturday, March 12, 2005

New Bloog

after ma near death experience in Trawna i decide i needed a new look so i got ol Elmo Doucette the puter geek ta fix me up one, photo an all. now no obscene comments . anyhow ol Elmo (we call him El Douche ) scanned the puter and found a buncha viri, spy stuff and a porn pic or two them pics were not porn jest some shots o the Hogg twins i took at the Grey Cup. he tolt me ma os was crap and i said his ol lady wasnt all that bright either then found out os wasnt short fer old sow.well here i is up and runnin again hope ya like the new look.

went lookin fer Bert Ticle at Dim Tims but he wasnt there so i went over ta wally world ta see how Jimmie was doin in the ladies underware .he tells me things been slack there lately well says i dont fret amigo things will pull up once the torist come back and those disgruntled democrats move here.

got talkin to ol Prat too he was buyin some ammo fer his 410 what fer dat says i gonna go huntin them pigs says he aw Prat them pigs has flown back to Ohio by now that yankee sold ya homin pigs. i think he might have a case o nafta with that feller as much as i hate ta say it he might need ta phone dat dumb sonova bitch in Ottywa. lucky me Agnes is havin me over fer cheese n bacon sanwhichs ,borsh and keylime pie cuz she wants ta here how i lost ma car and got ma nose peerced, better think up a good story.


  • At 6:52 PM, Blogger JimBobby said…

    Whooee! Man oh man, Bloogie, you gotcherself fine lookin' facelift. Gratulations! I'm talkin' 'bout yer boog an' not that there face in the pitcher o' you underneath this boog story. I guess that's you an' not one o' them movie stars from offa the Trailer Park Boys. Yer face ain't bad, mind you, but I jest wanta make it clear I was givin' a big ol' complement to yer boog's new look an' feel. Elmo done good.

    Yores trooly,

  • At 2:24 PM, Blogger Bloogers Byline said…

    thankee JimBobby fer the comment yep thats me taken incognito. El Douche only cost me two Slingers and jay.


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