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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Horspital visitez

well i got the tour of the new horspital and it is real half will be fer all the sickuns and the other half fer all the ol folks that aint wanted by their kids. Jimmie was impressed by the healing room dast dere fer his first national folks.ol doc says hes stayin on after gettin a gander at the two surgical sweets Prat tried out one of them beds in the longtime care place and said its too small so hes gonna stay on da farm Agnes liked da new gift shop.the Hogg twins couldnt get over the size of the birthing rooms dont get any ideas there you two ol Melt liked the room where they will put contaminated folks he should he will be dere oneday ol Bert wants his frau ta try out the catscan someday just so he knows what goes on in her head AP liked da morgue and the autohopsy room. ol Bloooger just wanted ta get the hell out of there sick people make him nervous.

i was thinkin after readin the Sun why would them mp idiots wanna go traipsin all over eurup vistin whorehouses when they come from da biggest one in Canada which reminds me that i bought a thousant barrels o oil as a hedge that broker feller tolt me.i best be clearin a spot in the back forty ta store em they will make a different lookin hedge fer sure. speakin o money i got a new vehicle a ram pickum up 440 horses and dat aint hayAggie is gonna love the crew cab wooooooeeee


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