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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Feller Bogger

danged if i dint read a fellers blog (Carnie) that talks like i do. maybee he was born here in Hoot Town or possibly thought up here. any way i invited him fer a visit. ol Melt Moore ( local socialist and sexual intellectual) asked fer my opinin on the same sex marriage bill . hell i think they should pay it. Bert said well i'm married and gettin no sex can i bill the government for that? silly booger says i the only sex ya get from the government is at tax time i think its called a prime yearly f***in. talkin about that subject reminds me of tryin ta find peter potters pink pills for pale people in wally world

.Jimmie Stoneboat was a greeter there till yesterday.seems ya can't holler grab a cart mudder fudder . cuz he's the only first national hired he cant be fired so they got him workin in the wimens undies section.

goin ta Docs ta watch the super bowl hes got one of them lsd large screen teevees. i got my money on the Pats and so I'll stand. kinda scared about Doc retirin he says 4 more c sections and thats it . speakin of Doc he tol Practical that he needed a circumcision nothin doin says Prat AP tol me his momma tol him he had one when he was a tad and he didnt walk for 10 months . i couldnt resist and tol ol Prat that foreskins were goin for ten skins on ebay ....hoooo haaa.


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