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Monday, February 14, 2005

Feb 14

good ol give the gal a card day has come and went and it dint cost me a cent. i had a card from last year so i scratched out the name and sent it to Agnes she hasnt called me yet now thats strange she usually calls at least once a day. wimmen!!! jayzus it was slippy out this a.m. i took a skid down the driveway and into a parked snowbank didnt deploy da airbags but i did see a couple of old bags deployed at their winders.

was talkin to Gar down at the Weekly Suppositor he thinks he needs ta run a special addition on the same sex marriage thing why says i we got no gay folks around Hoot Town he says yep we do except they aint come out . come out where says i the closet says he jayz says i if i was kept in a closet i sure wouldnt be happy about that let alone gay. ya dumb bugger say he . guess i will go ask Melt Moore hes da sexual intellectual around here and also da local ndper. anyway ol Practical tells me he has a couple of geese that have had same sex for years. dang i 'll be glad when i get my new specs . one o the Hogg twins sat on the old pair at the Super Bowl party. dont think i was wearin em at the time. things got kinda blurry tho. Jimmie Stoneboat tolt me he got a raise from the Indian department he can now trap 2 more beavers. hell he says he got all the beaver he can handle . some more mishoonya would have ben real nice. he gave me an invite ta fish thru the ice all i got ta do is bring a six pack of Slingers and a quarter stick of dynomight. looks like it might be a fun friday heee hawww


  • At 1:27 PM, Blogger Lightning Bug's Butt said…

    You used a V-day card 2 years in a row? You ole smoothie!

    Hey, can I come ice-fishing? I'd like to try that, but I live in a desert.

  • At 1:29 PM, Blogger Bloogers Byline said…

    thanks fer da comment Lightnin When ol Bert Ticle was hin Arizony he nmissed the ice fishin so much he ended up freezin a bucket o water with a goldfish in it and drilled a hole fer his line

  • At 7:49 AM, Blogger Quit Smoking said…

    Hello fellow fisherman,

    Did you know that 16% of the U.S. population goes fishing at least 16 days a year?

    Did you also know that over 75% of the nations fishermen do not fish during "prime time"; fish feeding hours?

    Those precious few moments before twilight can be absolutely magical. Even up until 11pm at night, the largest predators of any species feed ravenously.

    Don't believe me? Check out Daniel Eggertsen's story, and a picture of a couple of his catches here : "Evening Secrets plus more"

    I want you to do me a favor and try it out so I can see what you think of it, and if it works for you as well as it did for me.

    You will be one of the first to try it out.

    Gone Fishin',



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