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Friday, February 25, 2005


ol Blooger's gotta make a confessin folks since he started writin here he aint been lookin about ta see what other folks write about in the blog floggin world until a couple o weeks ago .my golly he found some neat stuff and some purely bullshit yep bullshit that would make that dumbsonva bitch we got in Ottywa proud.speakin o neat stuff jest the otherday i stumbled and fumbled across this feller JimBobby well ill tell ya if i had a long lost bro it would be him. anyway ol Blooger says thanks JimBobby fer yer comment and thanks much fer yer kind wards about the Byline on yer blog.

I sure as hell dint know a gal could eat so many cisco like that Agnes every time i turned about she was hollerin gimme more Blooger . hell i ant gonna be in any fit shape ta watch the oscars with the Hogg twins at this rate. Melt Moore ( the local socialist and gangbanger) was goin on about the budget first off a polytician on a budget is like ol Boof Boynton loose in a plonk palace ridiculous.

i dont worry about the taxes slong as da price o white owl cigars dont go any higher. mentionin Melt theres a roomer goin around Hoot Town that him and Gar's missus is havin a three in the manger . well i aint gonna spread that story anymore than i half to. last time i tryed a three way i fell outa bed and hurt ma stereonum ol Doc Stabber called me everyname but a whipperwill and put me in traction fer week then he says ya do that again an i'm gonna put yer dick in traction fer two weeks. well says i how about unconnectin my optic nerve from my asshole cuz its given me a shitty outlook on things . hoooohaaaaaa


  • At 6:19 PM, Blogger JimBobby said…

    Whooee! Thankee fer the thankee, BloogFeller. Long lost bro, eh? Mebbe.

    I been doin' my damnedest t' figger jest where yer boogin' from an' I'm guessin' Parry Sound or Huntsville an' I'm leanin' towards Huntsville. 'Course, you ken tell or don't. I sure as hell ain't lettin' on where I hang my hat so I won't blame you if yer keepin' it under wraps.

    I'm confessin' that I got myself addicted t' yer boog an' I'll be checkin' most days t' see if you got sumpin' new fer me t' laff over.

    Yores trooly,

  • At 7:21 AM, Blogger 122272 said…

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  • At 8:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Bush and the Republicans were not protecting us on 9-11, and we aren't a lot safer now. We may be more afraid due to george bush, but are we safer? Being fearful does not necessarily make one safer. Fear can cause people to hide and cower. What do you think? How does that work in a democracy again? How does being more threatening make us more likeable?Isn't
    the country with the most weapons the biggest threat to the rest of the world? When one country is the biggest threat to the rest of the world, isn't that likely to be the most hated country?
    Are we safer today than we were before?
    The more people that the government puts in jails, the safer we are told to think we are. The real terrorists are wherever they are, but they aren't living in a country with bars on the windows. We are.


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