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Friday, February 25, 2005


ol Blooger's gotta make a confessin folks since he started writin here he aint been lookin about ta see what other folks write about in the blog floggin world until a couple o weeks ago .my golly he found some neat stuff and some purely bullshit yep bullshit that would make that dumbsonva bitch we got in Ottywa proud.speakin o neat stuff jest the otherday i stumbled and fumbled across this feller JimBobby well ill tell ya if i had a long lost bro it would be him. anyway ol Blooger says thanks JimBobby fer yer comment and thanks much fer yer kind wards about the Byline on yer blog.

I sure as hell dint know a gal could eat so many cisco like that Agnes every time i turned about she was hollerin gimme more Blooger . hell i ant gonna be in any fit shape ta watch the oscars with the Hogg twins at this rate. Melt Moore ( the local socialist and gangbanger) was goin on about the budget first off a polytician on a budget is like ol Boof Boynton loose in a plonk palace ridiculous.

i dont worry about the taxes slong as da price o white owl cigars dont go any higher. mentionin Melt theres a roomer goin around Hoot Town that him and Gar's missus is havin a three in the manger . well i aint gonna spread that story anymore than i half to. last time i tryed a three way i fell outa bed and hurt ma stereonum ol Doc Stabber called me everyname but a whipperwill and put me in traction fer week then he says ya do that again an i'm gonna put yer dick in traction fer two weeks. well says i how about unconnectin my optic nerve from my asshole cuz its given me a shitty outlook on things . hoooohaaaaaa

Monday, February 21, 2005

Cisco Kid

that bag o cisco worked like a bunch of roses. ol Blooger is off Aggies shit list and right smellin like a petunia. i cant say the same for Jimmies fish shack its floatin around in the water puzzlin the game wardens. that dynomight was jest a tad too much but we got the punt out and netted all them fishys. we just about were done when Billy Running Bear came by and hollered look at them 2 c**ts in that punt wee gave him a fish and a Slinger and hit the bush before the rocks and gardens boys showed up. i caught Bilkers taxi cab back ta town and after a shit shirt and shave i was over ta see Agnes . the rest is history wooooooeeeeee.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Who cheep ?

well i heard from Agnes . she called me a cheep sonovabich . but now things are just peaches and cream after i explained that i'm savin money ta buy her somethin really special ..secret cant tell.Blooger ol lad you still a smoothy hooohaaa. looks like a good day fer the fishin with Jimmie i got a six pack of Slingers from my wine cellar and JS has got the dynomight. Jenny his esquai is gonna fry us up some beaver tail fer breakfast . just had a thought i might be gettin some beaver later this evenin when i brings Aggie a bag o cisco. TGIF

Monday, February 14, 2005

Feb 14

good ol give the gal a card day has come and went and it dint cost me a cent. i had a card from last year so i scratched out the name and sent it to Agnes she hasnt called me yet now thats strange she usually calls at least once a day. wimmen!!! jayzus it was slippy out this a.m. i took a skid down the driveway and into a parked snowbank didnt deploy da airbags but i did see a couple of old bags deployed at their winders.

was talkin to Gar down at the Weekly Suppositor he thinks he needs ta run a special addition on the same sex marriage thing why says i we got no gay folks around Hoot Town he says yep we do except they aint come out . come out where says i the closet says he jayz says i if i was kept in a closet i sure wouldnt be happy about that let alone gay. ya dumb bugger say he . guess i will go ask Melt Moore hes da sexual intellectual around here and also da local ndper. anyway ol Practical tells me he has a couple of geese that have had same sex for years. dang i 'll be glad when i get my new specs . one o the Hogg twins sat on the old pair at the Super Bowl party. dont think i was wearin em at the time. things got kinda blurry tho. Jimmie Stoneboat tolt me he got a raise from the Indian department he can now trap 2 more beavers. hell he says he got all the beaver he can handle . some more mishoonya would have ben real nice. he gave me an invite ta fish thru the ice all i got ta do is bring a six pack of Slingers and a quarter stick of dynomight. looks like it might be a fun friday heee hawww

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Feller Bogger

danged if i dint read a fellers blog (Carnie) that talks like i do. maybee he was born here in Hoot Town or possibly thought up here. any way i invited him fer a visit. ol Melt Moore ( local socialist and sexual intellectual) asked fer my opinin on the same sex marriage bill . hell i think they should pay it. Bert said well i'm married and gettin no sex can i bill the government for that? silly booger says i the only sex ya get from the government is at tax time i think its called a prime yearly f***in. talkin about that subject reminds me of tryin ta find peter potters pink pills for pale people in wally world

.Jimmie Stoneboat was a greeter there till yesterday.seems ya can't holler grab a cart mudder fudder . cuz he's the only first national hired he cant be fired so they got him workin in the wimens undies section.

goin ta Docs ta watch the super bowl hes got one of them lsd large screen teevees. i got my money on the Pats and so I'll stand. kinda scared about Doc retirin he says 4 more c sections and thats it . speakin of Doc he tol Practical that he needed a circumcision nothin doin says Prat AP tol me his momma tol him he had one when he was a tad and he didnt walk for 10 months . i couldnt resist and tol ol Prat that foreskins were goin for ten skins on ebay ....hoooo haaa.