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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Wally World

wally world had the grand opening today every man and his dog and missis was there .i saw people there that i thought had died and one thing for sure wally world aint heaven.Gar Pike from the Suppositor was there interviewin a guy that looked like the manager.ol Practical was buyin a new coat n coater the Hogg twins was checkin out the unmentionable section Agnes was tryin on some boats oops shoes ol Doc Stabber took time from his cuttin and mendin ta look at a big screen tv hell doc says i its still the same old crap only it will look bigger.hate ta admit it but i dint need a thing except 4 AA batteries .ol Sams boys will never git rich off me. next up i suppose will be our new horspital Doc says its one huge palace why they will be able to fix everythin from a growin toenail ta a purple peein pecker.


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