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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Aggie business

Agnes phone ta tell me that she is primed ta go to the grand opening of wally world next week. i aint tho i should go over to see Aggie (she hates that name) and prime her pump. maybe after charch on Sunday.danged if ol Melt (the local ndper and bs champ ) didnt ask me if i met my one tun challenge . nah says i in fact i was thinkin o lookin that Mercer jerk up and droppin a tun of greehouse gase right in his cake hole.

wooee it was cold this marnin it was so cold i saw 2 eskimos tryin ta jumpstart a huskie. wot the hell this is Canada our home and frozen land so we just gotta tuffin up. if it warms tomorrow i think i'll take a snownobeel ride over to Prats farm havent been talkin to the ol lad since last week .hees got some odd notions like same sex mariages settin a precedent fer maybe all knds of different marriages like maybe him and Mabel his prize cow could tie the knot and he could claim her has a dependant and help his tax situation hmmm sounds like milkin the system ta me . i think i will stick with the regular stuff and jest keeep Agnes happy and the Hogg twins can keep me happy too. anyhow i will ask him if he is gonna write to that dumb sonova bitch MP we got since hees now the ag minister .typical liberal party appointment the dumb sonova bitch dont know piss from paint or a bulls ass from a barn door.he likes ta call himself a master debater but us folks here dont spell it that way.


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