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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Them Pigs

well darned if we dint all turn up ta see the pigs there was Gar Doc Stabber Melt Moore Agnes and me. so when we got out to Wistful Achers (Practicals Farm) there was poor ol Prat siittin on the stoop covered in manure and peat seems them darn pigs took off on him last he saw of em they was flyin over the silos. that ol Melt took ta rollin on the ground laughin till Agnes stepped on his neck jest like a Carolyn. Gar says boys we gotta find those pigs he says Doc you take ol Blooger and Melt and I'll phone Norad and keep Agnes here in case I need to have some dicktation done. we all piles inta Docs suv and head north. went clean up ta Navy Acres and no luck.when we gets back ta Practicals hes cleaned up shinier than a new penny. poor ol Prat he got taken by the bacon. aw well we phoned Dead Bird ina Box and got an NDP party barrel for Melt thats the one with 6 left wings and a bunch of assholes . me i had a toblerone and slaw. got Doc ta drop me off at Agnes but she wasnt home so I beetled over ta my shack and to bed.


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