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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

More Shoppin

man o man i been busier than one armed wallpaper hanger. that christmas shoppin sure fateegs a fellerBUT i got er all done and wrapped even. thanks to Mayor Graff the parkin downtown was free thats if ya could find a spot. we got just enough snow ta make my ol snomobeel whimper and the summer drivers snoboard thru the stop streets .sheesh folks never learn its the same every year oh well keeps the local constabulary busy

. ol Practical has the ticket he puts the chains on all four tyers and sounds like Santy Claws sleigh when drivin around town i was thinkin about them stud tyers myself I asked Agnes if she wanted some studs and she said sure seen as how the one next door dont come around much any more , very funny. i was readin in the Suppositor that our only homeless person found a home in the slammer for the winter nice and warm and three squares a day gotta love that. dunno what he did ta get such nice accommydations but i will investgate.i see the snow a commin down so i better fire up the mobeel and have a little run


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