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Friday, December 31, 2004

Knew Year

hopes all had a good Xmas yours truly did quite nicely thank you. the party was a wailin bash for sure. goin to a newyears eve bash at Berts house its a BYOB ya can translate that anyway ya want . I herd that ol Prat is gettin a haircut just for the party he must be over mournin or moonin over them lost pigs anyways its a good sign cuz he was lower than a worms belly .

just my luck i was too late askin Agnes to go with me ta Berts and now shes goin with Gar Pike from the local rag guess she figgers ta make the socialite column. o well the Hogg twins will be there with their banjos and bangles wooooeeeeee. hisshonour phoned me to make sure i dont miss his New Years Levee well i says to him is that a tax levee and he asks me if i know about sex and travel and hangs up . depending on the size of my head tomorry i might jast make it to that. gotta go have ashower and spray on some of that new colgne Agnes got me its guaranteed ta give a turtle an orgasm so she says i think theres a message there. happy new year ta all my readers .


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