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Friday, December 24, 2004

here come Sant Claws

Hallalooja we is ready for Santy Claws. got Agnes comin over ta help me with the horsederves Bert is settin up the bar Ol Practical and ol Jimmie is supplyin the music . i invited a passell o people so i hopes everybody gets here . Hangin Albert is droppin in for a chicoo or two before he get the christmas rush. ol Melt Moore (the local ndper and free love expert) promised ta be here even tho he thinks merry christmas is politckle inceerect. its shapin up ta be a good bash.them boogers at public works finally got off their duffs and plowed the streets yesterday .for a while i thought this was Trawna.i got a mind ta write a letter ta the editor. hererd that wally world had a flood from a burst pipe in the cold dont they know this is the north it gits colder than an eskimos fart here . well i heer folks at the door merry christmas to all


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