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Friday, December 10, 2004

Christmas shoppin

by goll i drove by wally world and they got the big sign up and bunch of vehicles parked in front. i see where the big bran new horspital has got them selves a publicist feller nothin said about more doctors tho . maybe this feller is hired ta tell us why we aint got more docs. speakin of docs went see Doc Stabber last week cuz i was sicker than a wine drinkin billy goat . he says ya dumb bugger ya had the flu dint ya get a shot ? well nosir says i i dont never get sick except after 3 jugs o four aces. ol Doc says ya coulda got the bird flu and he checked me for wings

.guess i better get a look at my christmas shopping list. i done cut er back this year . gonna get Agnes a 20 ounce bottle of parfume the good stuff like that Midnight in Kiev special they got at shoppers. gonna get the Hogg twins some frilly unmentionables and pay extry to have their names mamagrammed on em be good way ta tell em apart . gonna give ol Jimmie big box of nanaimo bars for him and his esqua thats missus to you uninforms. ol Berts gettin a new deck o cards unmarked. ol Practical is still despondint over them pigs so i ordered a book o pithy poems and essays by pig breeders.dont think i forgot anybody oh ya Melt Moore he be the local ndper and sexual intellecual gettin him a book too called 6 easy ways ta make money inna socialist paradice. actually there is only one way but i wont tell him that. well i better get off this putermachine and find my socks and jammies.


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