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Sunday, December 19, 2004


the little town is froze up this marnin. i looked at the thermomter and it read -20 on the frog scale. it was so cold that I saw 2 eskimos tryin ta jump start a huskie. Agnes phoned me up to take her ta charch which i did .there was some smart ass guest preacher talkin about the environment and how we all must protect Gods creation by combatting global warmin and us settin there with icicles hangin off various parts . least he didnt go on about that same sex stuff .heered enough about that

. ol Practical says that two of them same sex fellers came by last summer and bought up all his antiquated stuff in the barn. stuff he made hisself .thats how he got the money ta buy the flyin pigs which havent landed yet so i hear. if it warms up this afternoon i is gonna take the Hogg twins fer a ride on the mobeel it only has room fer two but we 'll think a somethin. read where the Dalton gang is gonna ban public smokin in all public places i wonder if that includes the wacky tabacky too .if it does ol Jimmie is gonna have ta git back in his closet or claim its for medical use because of his sore back or front forget which. i quit doin that stuff when i found out ya could go blind o course i quit somethin else too that could cause that and just recently too. jest saw the time best i be off ta get the Hogg girls .


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