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Thursday, November 04, 2004

wot gives?

Was downtown this morning and hokey smokes no parking spots wot gives says I summer is over and the terrourists is gone. mystery. economic boomlet/ new four lane highway ? more mystery. wally world is buildingat the south entrance also rumours of home despot ,caseys,kelseys,east side mary, price top it offmy neighbour Agnes Dei says she heard some silos were being builtjust by Moogers swamp somrthin about incontestible ballipstick missles better phone my mp about this only trouble is he aint listed under dumb sonova bitch. gettin back to wally world dont know what gives there this little town is under 8k population depending on which sign you look at . wheres the consumer base ? course we got a bran new 60million dollar horspital with state o the bill( ol art gets enough credit) cathouse scanner. also heard that the cops are gettin new wheels Vibe- raters I think. Best I go get some chicken from Dead Bird in a Box and do some thinkin.


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