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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

transcanada fats

couldnt find this here computter seems ol Bert took it home other night after the crap game thought i lost it but he just wanted to show his misses what the fuss is all about maybe i should get me a slaptop so it easier to tote about.that ol Practical was just on the phone he sure got his feathers in a knot he tells me Melt Moore (hes the local socialist and free love expert) tolt him that Jack Layton wants to have transcanada fats banned so whats the matter with that says i well says Prat that means Laytons gonna ban my peanut butter nah says i that Jacks off course but all the same ya better write that dumbsonuva bitch mp of ours a nasty letter ya know the guy wot doesnt do a thing for us and gets paid for doin it the same guy that only got up on his feet once in parlyment to open a window. them politico always chewin the fat and fillin us with bull dust.

went to the bank this marnin the teller gal asked me if i wanted to put mymoney in their investment plan no thanks says i got a investment plan LOTTO6/49.well then she asked me about an ATM card no thanks dont like that AlwaysTakesMymoney machine sides would rather give it to a purty gal like you not some ugly ol machine.speakin of tellers heard from Agnes she tolt me shes missin me somethin fierce and if i wouldin tease cousin Billy about his piccolo sheed like me to stop by for a spell. hmmmm think i might just do that cuz ol Aggie knows a thing or two about a thing or two. well i best go get my coppy of the Weekly Suppositor


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