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Friday, November 12, 2004

toy ota trouble

theres my buggy stuck in the backyard with a big hole in the garage.waitin for Practical to bring his atv that should pull the sucker out gotta hand it to them jap fellas they sure know how to make a good little car hardly a dent onit.saw ol Doc Stabber this marnin cuz my tung has turned black. he fixed it with a bar of soap clean forgot about them choclate meatballs .good ol Doc dint charge me for the visit seen as how he owed me some mishoonya ( thats money to Jimmy Stoneboat) from our last pinochle game

.looked out the window still no Practical almost forgot Agnes called to remind me that she still aint talkin to me hope she gets over her fit soon .got my dander up yesterday readin the Suppositor seems that mayor of ours says we need a new sewage plant and its gonna cost well i aint payin cus I got a biffy and a big jug of lime.

.just heard somethin outside will be back well we got the jap wonder out and settin in the driveway. that atv did good thanks Addie thanks Tess thanks Vern fine horses. you got there Prat.big mess overby wally world today trucks graders flag ladies good job for a woman that seen as how they use to tellin fellas where to go and what to do.lands sake look at the time best get this place straightened up ol Bert Doc Jimmie and AP are comin over for some poker shortly AP called for me to hold his place he hadda stiff to bury then he'd be over .always on the job that Albert.


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