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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

them Hoggs

jayzus i got all that DBD chicken ate finally.Agnes is not talkin to me she phoned me and tolt me she tolt me cousin Billy bust his piccolo i know what he can do with it busted or not i tolt her so .

she told me folks are wonderin about our old horspital now that the new one is finished.this marnin me and Bert Ticle made some enquiries but we was too late seems some folks are gonna turn it into condomimiums for homeless people . Sheeeesh we only got two o them in the whole town and thats cuz the local slammer is closed now. wot gives? almost forgot went over to Practicals to see his sattylight dish ,ok where is it says i its on the manure pile says he why that says i it wont do stirfry worth a shit says he. see why his momma named him Practical ? seems too that his porkers aint arrived yet somethin about canadian custumes hold up hold up says i dint know those guys was crooks. better get havin the 3 ssses got invited to the Hogg twins for a party those gals are batchelors and sure know how to tamaracker down.


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