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Thursday, November 25, 2004


snow snow we got snow . took a spin on the ol snowmobeel around the back 40 danged if i dint hit a rock or two .Agnes got to hollerin at me somethin about an ol fool and his head is soon parted. that reminds me to look for the wineskin i think it might be in the garage which reminds me that I got the hole fixed was gonna turn the hole into another garage door but ol Bert tolt me Id just be encouraging Stoneboat to do more drivin. one wahoo in that buggy is enough.

Gar down at the Suppositor give me a preview of his rag and danged if those councillors aint lookin for a raise in pay. the publik is in a bit of a bind do ya pay em more and cut down on the graft or hold the line and be party to maybe polytical cornuption. Practical had a solution take em all for a boat ride on Moogers Swamp but Prat says i ya filled in the swamp yep says he but not the quicksandy part that Practical is well named .

almost forgot AP tells me that one of them yankee fellas that absconded to here after the election kicked off. AP says he had a problem with the corpse the guy was 6foot 7 and the box was only 6foot so says i what did ya do well says he i thought and thought then finally it hit me hes a yank so i gives him an enema and puts him in a shoebox did i mention that ol AP comes from a long line of hangmen guess hes gone against the family grain reducin instead of stretchin.his grandaddy hung the last feller in Canada right here in this town AP says people would say hangin wasnt much of a deteerent and his grandaddy would say it sure as shit detered the guy i hung .so much for history.

i gotta make myself scarce cuz Agnes wants me to go to a concert at the Schlockly hall that cousin Billy is playin at think i will hideout over at the Hoggs wanna find out what happened after the big game last sunday. mercy me i still got some scars.


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