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Friday, November 05, 2004


Well i phoned Agnes now she tells me them silos are on Practical Jonnssons property ( hiss friends call him Prat for short). seems ol Melt Moore the local ndper toll him Bush would get reelected when pigs learned to fly. Practical went right out and ordered some of those pigs from a yankee fella in clark county ohio imagin that . now he needs them new silos to feed the porkers.

was a wee frosty this marnin and lookin like snow best i fire up the snowmobeel. that reminds me the cops stopped a trucker last weekhe had a load of chamber pots and was headin for our town says he heard we had lots of snowmobeels but not a pot to piss in thats free enterprise for ya.

was out this marnin talkin to Garth Pike who owns the local rag for you who dont know its called the Weekly Suppositor its readers get to use it twice in the biffy any how hes workin on the wally angle thought i'd drop by Albert Pierpoints shop hes the local put ya underrguy didnt see my name on the menu so i just tiptoed by.


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