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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Santy Claws parade

hokey smokes theres gonna a be a big controversity in our little town. seems some opimistic feller has decided that the Santy Claws parade aint gonna start till 430pm next saturday.never heard of somethin so dang stoopid it gets dark here now by 5pm them poor kiddies on them floats is gonna freeze cold . the optimistic fella says it wont be a problem sure it wont for him ridin around in a cosy warm car.If that ol Santy Claws goes along withit I will be boycottin his ass for sure.

speakin of christmas i best be makin out my list wasnt gonna when Agnes was on the outs with me but now I gotta .almost forgot should put the Hogg twins on that list and ol Practical. i knows what he wants a new coat n coater so i'll get him one at Crappy Tire.have ya ever tryed to get a clark in that store to help ya out ?just like pullin a hemerroid out of an elephants ass. well i suppose its not easy bein a clark i remember way back when i was one in Bill Weevils fabric and fireplace store and the parsons wife came in and asked me if she could get felt and I said just as soon as I lock the store door. she tolt Billy and he tolt me and there went a promising career in retail down the biffy.

poor ol Prat is still waitin on them flyin pigs somethin to do with Mr. Bush and mad cow he says.well says i hes comin to Ottywa in a week or so why doncha mosey over to that disneyland north and ask him about them pigs.say i just had a look at the time and i better gets to bed gota early marnin tomorrow me an Jimmy Stoneboat goin snipe shootin on the island then i mights go to charch with Agnes.


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