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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Practical Agnes

that ol Practical is at it again now hes gonna fill in Moogers swampcuz he heard a bunch of yankees are comin to Canady and will need places to stay hes gonna build a bunch of condoms. I says hey Prat what about all those enviromantic folks well says he none o them been around since three went missin in the swamp years back the silly ol fool forgot to tell em about the quicksand. danged if he aint got himself a sattylight dish him with no tv.

for I forget went to charch with Agnes .least i could do seen has how i met the goodFather at her door as i was leavin. that Agnes sure is a busy body oh ya Billy Sidebottam played the piccolo in charch Sunday. Miss Bach the organist had come down with the shootin sherry flu. well .every tune the rev asked him to play he begged off sayin that it was a hard tune to play on the piccolo. finally someone in the back pew says that piccolo player is a dumb sonava bitch .the rev stopped everythin and roared who said that ? silence deader than hobos this time i had had the corse i stood up and said rev i dint say that but i got a question what makes that dumb sonova bitch think hes a piccolo player ? wouldnt ya know it Agnes was pissed i dint know Billy was her cousin now all that chicken i ordered in for us i gotta eat miself


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