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Monday, November 29, 2004

No sno

hadda cover up the snomobeel-------- snow gone.that snow went away faster than Agneses money at the local lodges bingo. speakin of the lodge the brothers are orgynising a dart tournament next friday at the home for the blind here.last year they threw a pianny concert for the deaf folks at their camp. those boys are full of community spirit and other stuff too. well sir i saw the Hogg twins to find out about my scars well dint they want to have a look and there went my sunday. i'll git to the bottom of it yet and i do mean the bottom. i should cut this here short cuz i promised to bring Agnes a lotty and a cream pie from Dim Tims.dont think she knows about the Hoggs .almost forgot Practicals pigs got here today he picked em up at the airfield .Gar Pike hes the head honcho at the Suppositor is gonna take some pictures tomorry. wont miss that . him with his new digigal camera too.


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