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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Hogg twins

wooooeeeee mighty good party at the Hoggs. them twins can sure cook we had pig cheeks in ketchup ,fried leeks on garlic bread, tube steaks with hotdayam sauce washed down with beer an pretsells.for desert it was chocolate coated meatballs in whipped cream yum yum.them Hoggs sure have a nice place its atop Habies Hill lookin down on Deadmans Pond well after all them eats and beers we played some strip euchre I think them gals fixed the deck cuz they never even took there socks off and me down to my stanfields twice poor old Bert got nakked 3 times now we know why hes a Ticle. ol Jimmy Stoneboat showed up just as we was leavin hey Jimmy you drunk ? does I lookit ? nope so i tossed him behind the wheel and said home James. he got us safely home and parked the car right thru the garage .got him a taxi . gettin late so i will watch the liars club cbc to you folks and hit the sack.


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