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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Grey Cup drinkup

me and Jimmie got a lotta shootin but no snipes .them snipes is faster than a doler cashin his pogey check.well sir we opened a fine bottle o plonk crestas rojas I think to drown our bad luck and danged if we didnt see a rare bird sittin on the wire over the blind havent seen the OoHah bird in these parts in 15 years . tolt Jimmy ta put the gun down we wasnt about to bumpoff that bird and cause trouble with the local birder you get them old ducks riled up and ya might as well get outa town fast cuz your ass is grass and they got the lawnmower. by that time we was gettin hungry so Jimmie says come on over to Jenny Bitternoses cafe and have a hot bowl o corn chowder. which we did. was a wee late gettin over to see Agnes and when I got there she said i smelled like one of Practicals goats and i wasnt goin to charch with her.thats ok parson Pettifogger willl clue me what his sermon was about next time we play euchre.

well we got the boys over to watch the greycup or has Bert calls it the drinkup at half time we went out in the back forty and tried some field goals got Prat ta stand with his arms up about 20 feet back .he was a good goal post think i got a job for him after he kicks off someday. in the second half the Hogg twins came over with some good whoredervs and half a case o plonk . glad the Argyknots won their coach is a sweet little bugger for sure. dont remember too much after the game woke up early with the Hogg gals in bed and also ol APs dog . AP s dog is called Schlitz.sure hope this dont make the social news column in the Suppositor hoohah.


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